Level 3 — Mould Remediation

What can you expect from this Course?
This course aims to provide a more extensive and final look at Mould remediation following on from levels 1 and 2.
Course Duration:
Approximately 4.5 Hours
Continuing Education Credit:
This course is approved for IICRC Continuing Education Credit (CEC) : 5 Hours
Once completed please email support@carsi.com.au for your Certificate of completion confirming your hours of Continuing Education Credits.

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Level 3 — Mould Remediation

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Top­ics cov­ered include:

  • Intro­duc­tion to Mould
  • Lev­el 3 Prepa­ra­tion
  • The Frame­work of Health and Safe­ty Reg­u­la­tions
  • Haz­ards and Risks
  • Risk Assess­ment
  • Lev­el 3 Mould Per­son­al Pro­tec­tive Equip­ment
  • Heat Exhaus­tion and Heat Stroke
  • Lev­el 3 Chem­i­cals
  • Stor­ing Chem­i­cals
  • Lev­el 3 Labelling
  • Bac­te­ria and Modes of Trans­mis­sion
  • Waste Types
  • Safe­ty Data Sheets
  • Lev­el 3 Mois­ture Meters
  • Rel­a­tive Humid­i­ty
  • Build­ing Mate­ri­als
  • Fac­tors to con­sid­er for Mois­ture Meters
  • Lev­el 3 Ini­tial Inspec­tion
  • Lev­el 3 Con­tain­ment
  • Full Scale Con­tain­ment
  • Job Safe­ty and Envi­ron­men­tal Analy­sis
  • Safe Work Method State­ments
  • Oth­er Doc­u­men­ta­tion
  • Plant and Machin­ery
  • Stan­dard Oper­at­ing Pro­ce­dures
  • Emer­gency Sit­u­a­tions
  • Emer­gency Doc­u­men­ta­tion
  • Under­stand­ing Antimi­cro­bials
  • Com­plet­ing Mould Reme­di­a­tion
  • Con­tent Reme­di­a­tion
  • Final­is­ing Mould Reme­di­a­tion
  • Lev­el 3 Waste
  • Lev­el 3 Trans­fer­ring Waste
  • Haz­ardous Waste
  • Dis­pos­ing Chem­i­cals and E Waste
  • Clean­ing Equip­ment and PPE